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Google Cultural Institute – amazing history

The Google Cultural Institute helps preserve and promote culture online. If you are a historian or a citizenship teacher, you can not afford to miss this mesmeric resource. Simply stunning. I showed our newly appointed history teacher the resource briefly on Friday afternoon (never the best time to promote new teaching resources) and her response…
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21 Oct ’12 0

Students Escape from Bryon Bay

The #Quest community is growing. The Twitter list is expanding, the ideas between education collaborators is being tested and refined. It was a priviledge to support @MrAHeard through his first game. I must admit he was able to bring a level of coding / logistics to game creation that I do not yet possess, but I was…
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22 Feb ’12 0


I first uncovered Triptico when I was looking for ‘fridge magnet’ type activities for teaching poetry last year to my Year 10s. More recently, I found my way back to David Riley’s (@David_Triptico) Triptico website via a tweet, to find a whole raft of interactive resources – easily edited, adapted and saved for later use.…
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18 Oct ’11 0

It’s not Teacher, but Method that Matters

In the spring 2010 experiment, Carl Wieman and his colleagues followed two nearly identical physics classes. 250 students were taught the usual way, three hours a week for 11 weeks and then, at the 12th week the experiment began. One class stuck with the traditional, well-regarded professor in lecture mode where are the second class…
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24 May ’11 0