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Children’s Literature is Central to Children’s Literacy

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8 Jul ’11 0

Interactive Fiction so much sexier than…

Let’s face it, ‘Interactive Fiction’ sounds  so much sexier than… text based adventures. Interactive fiction, often abbreviated as IF, describes simulating environments in which players use text commands to control characters and influence the environment, not that dissimilar to the gamebook adventures or CYOA titles (choose you own adventures) in which the reader’s choices determine…
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24 Jun ’11 2


Later this summer term together with our learning services team I hope to undertake a short ‘same language subtitles’ reading project at our school. In the first instance, we aim to bring students together during mentor time by invitation. One of the key software tools we are planning to use is Karafun Studio. By coincidence…
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9 Apr ’11 3

Folding Story

This morning we are exploring Folding Story with Year 10 English Functional Skills students. After a converted effort on writing skills, I felt that the creativity offered by Folding Story would be a fun and a neat end to that focus. Folding Story is a very simple writing game we all played at school that…
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4 Mar ’11 1


We used to play this simple English game where stories would be written one line at a time, with only the previous line or two lines available for your inspiration and continuity. With each new line added, a fold hides the previous, resulting in a story composed by the group. I can still remember reading and laughing at the bizarre narratives and…
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21 Feb ’11 0


3b Unit2: Speaking and Listening We are debating the Pros and Cons of Social Networks in our speaking and listening Controlled Assessment and I want a tool to promote debating skills leading up to the assessment. This was not meant to be a class activity but a way to allow the students to prepare for…
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3 Feb ’11 0