Returning home was a significant step for our family.

What is in store for 20-21? Two focus points. RememberMore is ready for class teaching and my personal professional focus is to seek a return to school leadership.

In August 2020 we added and integrated Classroom with RememberMore, providing Successive Relearning to educators, learners and classes anywhere, supported by a tried and tested routine and iterations we had been roadtesting since before and returning from lockdown.

We continue to make small improvement to the Classroom interface – with the attention moving to the RememberMore app and the RememberMore Dashboard management, metrics and insights.

November 2020

Partnerships with researchers, practitioners and leaners means we are rarely short of cards on our Trello.

A video meeting with John Dunlosky a professional highlight.

Interview with Mary Myatt.

February 2021

Progress is hampered by a second lock down. CRM now holds over 60 decks, thousands of openly available retrieval prompt pairs, from 10 curriculum areas.

Five schools are using a bespoke CRM platform. RememberMore can now make bespoke, branded CRM in minutes.

RememberMore app (4.01) released. RememberMore Dashboard private release.

I read my 300th journal paper on all things retrieval, Successive Relearning, spacing, memory, metacognition and more.

Retrieve ➡️ Reflect ➡️ Reveal ➡️Repeat. Options to Reorder, Refresh and Refine now available.

Easter 2021

RememberMore app (4.03) released. New visual statistics, new card counts and cross category card counts. With more insights being generated, an improved “Challenge level” calculation. Personalised branding, (mirrored on both bespoke CRM and RM).

Summer 2021

Our first pilot study has been confined. Promo video released.

An off-shoot of the progress with RememberMore has a growing interest in the acquisition and retention of vocabulary. Even that statement, “acquisition and retention,” would be updated with the insight gained from a research detour into reading instruction, and a new “vocabulary” model adopted for RememberMore.