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Google Workspace – looking ahead

A fast and focused look ahead to what school leaders, teaching and learning leads and teachers need to know in Google Workspaces. Let’s try and keep this simple. Free (Fundamentals) and Paid Standard $3 per student / year Upgrade $4 per licence / month (opt in) Plus $5 per students / year Otherwise here is…
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13 Mar ’21 0

Story speaker – interactive audio fiction

As an English teacher I was always looking for ways to get my students excited about reading and writing. Interactive fiction was one such experiment. I quite often revisit Zork or Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy or Lost Pig and the students always love it. Writing IF was a bit tricky however we had some successes…
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28 Jun ’20 0

Google Self-help

Looking at Google for Education. It is not all about the features and products. IMHO one of Google’s greatest strengths is the support. Or at least support of self-help. I have celebrated the hidden gem of all things G Suite. The little ? that hides in the bottom left corner of ‘most’ Google products. The…
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25 Jun ’20 0

Get unstuck. Learn better.

Teach a man how to fish… Two of the differences for home learning, remote learning, learning in lockdown, is knowing where to find accurate and reliable information and how to get unstuck when access to your teacher is constrained. Teachers setting distance or remote work are well advised to offer more comprehensive, more precise instructions…
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7 Jun ’20 0

10 Google insights for teachers

Like many educators, I have been using Google and G Suite (since 2008) like I used my TV remote – point and click. With a little time, I have taken the opportunity to pause – and think how I use the growing eco-system of Google. Starting with the everyday browse, to more recent finds and…
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28 May ’20 0

Camp Google

Just a quick sign post. It is a long summer break is the USA. As the America teens are running out of enthusiasm for pretty much everything, Google has stepped up and this week released a virtual Camp Google (ending early August) aimed at children 7 to 10. It’s a stella backroom team; Khan Academy, the National Park…
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15 Jul ’15 0