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More, for the more able and disadvantaged

School leaders know data in their schools, they may most probably how their school data compares to National data benchmarks. More recently schools leaders have been directed to explore the gaps within their school. Then there are data specialists and / or analysts who know data, and some know data and education. Gifted Phoenix is one such education policy analyst,…
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19 Apr ’15 0

More, most, academically able.

I blame myself. Completely. It was my fault. I let the pressure get to me and I ranted. Ofsted influence is broad, of course it is. In schools that “Requires Improvement” it is palatable. Hence, Ofsted speaks, a series of job requests follow. The job request, to present an analysis of the “Most Able” category.…
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2 Apr ’15 0

Closing the Gap – update

Last year, during one of our Ofsted support visits, Jonathan Palk shared a useful using piece of procedural analysis advice. When taking a broad view of your schools achievement data, build a picture of the school starting with the pupils cohorts, moving to the headline measures. Our Senior Leaders have taken on that advice when presenting to…
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11 Mar ’15 0

What % of outstanding schools have below average ability intake?

What percentage of outstanding schools have below average ability intake? It is a good question, isn’t it. What percentage of Outstanding schools have below average ability intake? Without the limitation of 140 characters “What percentage of Ofsted Outstanding rated schools have a below average intake?” If you follow the link through to the tweet, you…
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4 Mar ’15 7

Better inspection for all

I think most educators remember that “really” moment, when they were learnt that feedback with grades is pretty pointless. It confirmed what we have seen over and over again in our classrooms. Back in 2010 I wrote “Grade Less. Assess More.” It was the start of my professional interest in assessment and feedback. In 2011 I wrote, “grades…
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26 Feb ’15 0

School Inspection Update 1

Eggstra, eggstra. Look – it is not easy finding a feature image for a post on the School Inspection Update 1 and British values you know. Today I heard from a colleague, senior leader and Ofsted inspector, that he really felt that Ofsted, the organisation, was really opening up to the profession. We are no debating the…
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22 Jan ’15 0