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Art and Science of reading

Morning Reading, vocab remains very much in the professional learning cross hairs. This morning I read this recommendation to read a guest post on Pamela Snow’s blog. It is well worth it. Needless to say, that this short clip, adds to the encouragement to read the post and subscribe to the blog. Afternoon This afternoon,…
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29 Jul ’21 0

Vocabulary: not really a part 6

Vocabulary, language, reading…, all the time I am thinking about how learning happens and how teaching makes learning happen, reading, will be shadow my thinks. This by @ImpactWales flashed past my timeline yet again reminding me of the “literacy is language is literacy” mantra and how to incorporate The Frayer Model into RememberMore. Next –…
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11 Jul ’21 0

Vocabularly: The Simple View of Reading (part 3)

During his podcast with Emily Hanford, Greg fleetingly referenced the “The Simple View of Reading” (Gough & Tunmer 1986). There was a audible acknowledgement of common ground and so the conversation continued unabated. What is “The Simple View of Reading?” I didn’t know. So far in my reading, it was clear that reading was anything other than…
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1 Jul ’21 4

Vocabulary: Looking for giants (part 2)

Looking for giants is part 2 in an edventure investigating one aspect of literacy (speaking, listening, reading and writing) – vocabulary. The exposure to, the acquisition and retention of, and teaching of vocabulary (I am still thinking that teaching is as much instruction as it is teaching). You can read part 1, Only 1:3 children…
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27 Jun ’21 5

High-low books

English or literacy teachers, reading coaches, reading mentors, have you heard or stumbled across the phrase “high-low” reading books? I hadn’t. It is just what I am looking for, for our weekly your group reading / literacy lesson. This week I listed the four or five items that my pupil-readers had taught me and the…
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16 Feb ’20 0

Trefoil 8.12.19

Tuesday’s morning run was with Jeremy Hannay (Weareinbeta). We had caught up on Twitter regarding our frustrations with regard to corrosive influence Performance Management within education. The interview gives an insight into his leadership approach, system comparison (including Ofsted), teacher development at Three Bridges Primary as well as our shared interest in the impact of…
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8 Dec ’19 0