English Radar

The SSAT English radar is an electronic newsletter, distributed to the SSAT’s English network, approximately 3000 Heads of English and teachers of English, as well as senior leaders, across England. It focuses on the successful leadership and management of an English department, as well as classroom pedagogy. The newsletter includes stories from schools, teaching tips and…
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19 Nov ’12 0

On the radar

Today I received an email from the SSAT asking if I would consider writing a ‘series of regular contributions,’ for SSAT English and Literacy radar. Okay, it might not be my English specialist knowledge that led to the invitation, however I do love teaching the subject. I love teaching English nearly as much as I love teaching PE… and…
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8 Nov ’12 0

Digital Leaders @ Bafta

Hamble College Digital Leaders presented this past week at the SSAT Conference ‘Raising achievement through embedding learning technologies.’ Paul Hynes and Verna Donaldson were both kind enough to thank out students personally for their  input into the event held at the Bafta offices in Piccadilly. These young people continue to make a good impress and…
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13 Dec ’10 0

SSAT #NC10 Day 1

First, where is the hashtag key on a mac keyboard? ALT AND 3 together, come on. This is my 3rd Annual National Conference. To date, I have found the conference invigorating, a real cerebral workout. Every year I get to talk educational leadership with our Head on the drive up, 2 hours (pending on how…
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24 Nov ’10 0

Get ’em Writing in Under 60s with OneWord

Oneword is a quick fire web tool is quick, simple and self-explanatory. You will see one word at the top of the screen and a timing running at the bottom. Click ‘Go’ and you have sixty seconds to write about it. See, I told you it was simple.   After the sixty seconds you can…
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1 Nov ’10 0

Very Useful Youtube Shortcut

I am not going to take credit for this, but I did read about it on two different tech sites this week and I have tested it out. Apparently there are secret not so secret keyboard shortcuts you can use while watching YouTube videos to make it skip forwards or back. It’s based on percentages,…
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28 Oct ’10 0