Quick Access to Sir Ken Robinson @ SSAT

As I know you will want quick access to this file and will be referring others. Sir Ken Robinson @ SSAT.

29 Nov ’08 0

‘When Right Click ‘Save Target As’ Doesnt Work.’

Look, I sincerely believe that the SSAT should make this SWF file available, but also in a high quality version for use in all SSAT (and other) schools and colleges, youth facilities and even in government offices. A DVD compilation. I have left this as a request with SSAT but ….. in this ‘big boulder’…
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29 Nov ’08 1

Day 3 @ SSAT

Another inspiring student presentation with wow factor, I forget to mention the Pearl of Africa, impressive. A modern Step Up performance with great music and costume. An overview of the impact of federation was supported by series of shorter presentation by future leaders. Given the chance to lead early in their careers these presentation provided a number of take home messages for…
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28 Nov ’08 0

Day 2 @ SSAT

A enjoyable start to the day with a  seminar style event with Sir Ken Robinson, only problem was the booking system delayed the start and frustrated a fair few delegates and of course restricted the time we had to hear him speak and confer with the audience. Technology, you can’t rely on it? Disappointingly, just…
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27 Nov ’08 0

SSAT Conference Day 1

It’s day one of the SSAT conference. The 3000 delegates. Impressive venue and the first two speakers set an enquiring tone. Sir Dexter Hutt, only introduced the conference but I felt that there was more I could gleaned from his approach to leadership and his experiences. IMHO it was a shame he was only introducing…
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26 Nov ’08 0