What will this academic year have in store? A return to senior leadership at Boundary Oak School as Deputy Head Academic at an all through school. Returning to an all through school is most definitely a highlight.

I am excited about the role at Boundary Oak School, working with some former colleagues and new, and looking forward to thinking both as a teacher and as a leader, both pedagogy and strategy. As with starting Cantell, I am looking forward to the professional development that comes from experiencing how a new school operates.

As for RememberMore, having read and exhausted most of the retrospective research on test enhanced learning – I am currently investigating the role of concurrent metacognition and motivation. I am excited to see if the tried and tested adoption processes employed at Cantell are as successful in my new context.

I am also excited to hear about the use of RememberMore in our partner schools and continue to develop the spaced retrieval practice+ platform.


I didn’t expect to have to report the need to self-isolate so soon into my first term. Despite the obvious difficulties and staff challenges, not least my own, the positives were many.

On spaced retrieval practice+ – some very notably publications, Latimer, Peyre and Ramus (2021) Bertilsson et al., (2021) and no end of publications on metacognition and motivation. This term I presented at the National ResearchEd Conference and ResearchEd Surrey and had a post commissioned by Sec-Ed. We are currently in conversation over a series looking at the component parts.


Over the break I penned seven drafts for SecEd. These have been approved and a further two added.

That was a tough half term. Still acclimatising, still learning. The staff, pupils and the parents are great to work with. There is a real sense of family.

RememberMore released new card insights for teachers and categories for “Classroom.” Reading more widely – some interesting lines of enquiry on the forward effects of retrieval.