Aspice Retro 08-09

Exams Results

This is only my second full academic year as Director of E Learning and we have made significant academic and IT Services progress. The head has high expectations for improving OCR Nationals results. Students achieved 63% – 1 GCSE (up from 34% from last year). The vast majority of students achieved a ‘Pass’, with sadly only few students achieving Merits and, fewer still Distinctions. This said, considering we have completed 3 Units to 2 Years were are proud of the students and the 60+ students that attended half-term workshops and later, the after school workshops. Clear, grade referenced parental communication was a key factor.  The sets and Level 1 qualification seems to have settled this Year group and discipline referrals are significantly lower (-182%). Other key improvements include improved Department communications / student learning resources / teaching / delivery / software / setting procedures, our External Moderator relations and our NEW Grades Database, written and developed by my colleague Andrew Sangster.

Aspice Porro 09-10

The students this year now working towards the equivalent of 2 GCSEs (with 2 groups working towards a Level 1 qualification). We have Liam Nicol joining us as a GTP student (from Support Services) and have agreed two PGCE placements with Southampton University. This is the first year without staffing changes and we are hoping that this will improve our internal procedures.

2009-10 IT Services

IT Services continues to grow. We are no longer supported by an external contract. We now have 4 staff, to accommodate increasing IT services (Website, VLE) and the Laptops4Learning initiative. Consequently the IT Services technicians are being relocated to a central location within the school.

Current Projects in Priority Order;

Leading from the Middle NCSL.  50% complete. Completed and passed.

Sims2Moodle for Hampshire EdICT currently supporting 3 schools but looking for more. Is that school you? Contract closed. We  only worked with 5 schools. Disappointing. Sims2Moodle has now been replaced by a new product – Zi-Link. This product is developed SchoolsICT (contact Ian Tasker). SchoolsICT continue to develop Zi-link and we aim to install Zi-link on our Moodle. SchoolsICTs have developed Zi-Link to include a Personal Learning Plan element, as requested by Hamble College. Following the end of the Hampshire EdICT grant Ian Tasker is discussing a consultancy agreement with the Headteacher.

Laptops for Learning – planning completed and launch. Follow up and preparation for Year 2. Develop a Netbook image to share with other schools to include predominantly FLOSS based applications including Ebook reader and Stop Frame Animation for example. Difficult to measure the overall academic impact until next year. The loan pool was heavily accessed and the 20 units booked out able every day and almost every lesson. Uptake for 2010-2011 is lower. Administration / communications needs to be improved and this has been discussed with the E-Resources Manager. We have move away from Lenovo to Samsung. With the help of Vohkus we have improved coasting on Licences. We are still using as much FLOSS as possible but propriety OS seems inevitable.

Stop Frame animation to be continued, small Creative Partnership project SFA #failed. 5 minute clip only. Try again.

Develop a SLA for IT within the school – Not actioned. Still needs to be actioned.

Learn about a NEW build IT requirements (proposals in place). Frustrated with lack on communication. Spent whole weekend trying to secure financial agreement. Wireless agreement and information a battle. This NEW build process was a huge learning curve and a significant drain on time. Alan Tarry, acting Network Manager was very professional and resourceful and has since been appointed.

Mahara (?) and Social Networks, Elgg / Dolphin / Community Builder / Sloodle (2011). Mahara selected and planned for 2011. Sloodle rejected.

Initiated Hampshire Network Managers Meeting. Now running and active. Chair and Secretary are Hamble IT staff. Very proud. April 10

Attend 60% of CLT meetings. – Most, but not all meetings were attended, close to 90%. It was very interesting, but very long at times. A very good insight into Senior Leadership.

Whole school printer solution and printing strategy for Sept 2010. Actioned and in place. Annual review suggests a financial rebate on top of the cost savings.

Investigating Terminal Services. Feasibility study.  Rejected.

Joined Moodle Moot Program Committee representing Schools. Fulfilled duties, attended Moot.

Learn the basics of PHP programming. No progress, although I do have a book. I do not think I will be progressing with this aspiration.

School IM  service. Rejected Jan 10

Overhaul of IT infrastructure

  • Major Virtualisation undertaken and blade infrastructure established.
  • Secure backup established with redundancy.
  • Increased storage.
  • New domains created

New Video and DVD service trialled and established. July 2010

IT services and L4L extended to 2nd Office Sept 2010

New industrial Printer purchased – banners, large scale prints. Sept 2010

Digital Signage screens. Sept-Oct 2010

Securus – filtering – to be planned. Sept-Oct 2010

Win7 Office 2010 upgrade Sept 2010

Live@Edu – summer – postponed to Oct.


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