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Proving Pupil Progress

Proving Pupil Progress is a key focus at our school, especially within lessons. So this is how Quest can prove it, for you, in your lessons, within the game itself. Quest has a whole host of ways to display status updates. Setting questions, tasks and puzzles that require specialist knowledge has already been demonstrated by…
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10 Mar ’12 0

IF – Interview with Aaron Reed

Witnessing the return of Interactive Fiction (IF) to the gaming world has felt a little bit like waking up to find a Dodo on my front porch. I feel a simultaneous urge to inform to world about the discovery while also coming up with a proper breeding program. But I’m far too busy to be…
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5 Mar ’12 0

Atomic8 Promo

So, here is a final version, well I hope it’s the final version, with video footage and stills suitable / sufficient to be used as a clue prompts. Sent with IFTTT

1 Mar ’12 0

My Animoto Video

For the last few weeks I have been thinking through how we can make text adventures feedback to the players and make the games a platform for learning. Taking a few ideas I had experimented with in ‘LiL Red,’ I added a count down timer and room access dependant on the engineer colour or achievement…
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29 Feb ’12 0

Year 8 taste Interactive Fiction

I have been chatting through the potential of Quest in schools, particularly Key Stage 3, to develop both ICT and literacy curriculum interest. Allen Heard, a self confessed old skool adventurer, and took up the challenge with gusto. Not just playing, but writing interactive fiction as well. His zombie horrow ‘Escape from Byron Bay,’ was certinaly…
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29 Feb ’12 0

Quest – Rapid Fire Ideas

Learning never exhausts the mind. Leonardo da Vinci Working online with Allen Heard means there is no respite. Its keep up or give in. Move aside, step down. Conversation is now via Twitter but most weeks over the phone. Some conversation work so much faster in dialogue. This afternoon we decided to try and write…
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23 Feb ’12 7