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More Quest at #SLWTC

Another opportunity to work with Alex Warren (@alexwarren) and introduce teachers to Quest at the #swltc technology conference! There is only so much you can share in one session, so I have uploaded the presentation, would recommend you visit and the tutorials wiki for more idea. Any teachers that would like to contribute games or…
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4 Oct ’12 0

Inanimate Alice

Quite some while ago I highlighted a piece of interactive fiction, well more transmedia really, call Inanimate Alice. It is a narrative set in a technology saturated near future, telling the story of a young girl, merging text with animation, videos, music  and games to explore what it means to conduct your life online. As Alice’s journey…
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2 Oct ’12 0

Quest at Games Britannia

There have been some very positive reviews of the Games Britannia event held in Rotehrham this week and numerous tweets filtering through. For those of you that drop in here for your Text Adventure fix, read about Alex Warrens (Quest developer) workshops here. If you are either an ICT teacher, computing teacher or even a Digital…
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5 Jul ’12 0

IF by Kristian Kipling – though not a patch on the original

IF If you can keep on reading when all about you Are losing lives and blaming it on their VDU; If you can thrust yourself onward when foes attack you, Make defences for their onlaughts too: If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Press the z key, sit and wait, ignore the…
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22 Jun ’12 0

Proving Pupil Progress

Proving Pupil Progress is a key focus at our school, especially within lessons. So this is how Quest can prove it, for you, in your lessons, within the game itself. Quest has a whole host of ways to display status updates. Setting questions, tasks and puzzles that require specialist knowledge has already been demonstrated by…
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10 Mar ’12 0

IF – Interview with Aaron Reed

Witnessing the return of Interactive Fiction (IF) to the gaming world has felt a little bit like waking up to find a Dodo on my front porch. I feel a simultaneous urge to inform to world about the discovery while also coming up with a proper breeding program. But I’m far too busy to be…
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5 Mar ’12 0