My Animoto Video


My Animoto Video

29 Feb ’12 IF 0

For the last few weeks I have been thinking through how we can make text adventures feedback to the players and make the games a platform for learning. Taking a few ideas I had experimented with in ‘LiL Red,’ I added a count down timer and room access dependant on the engineer colour or achievement rating, achieved by the player. Finally, I add my first video, taking Quest from textadventure to transmedia. Here I had the idea that part of one of the clues would be related to an old company advert released some 50 years early. The irony being that clue solution is hidden within a technology used to track and lock-in the player.

Atomic8 were never one to keep their tech up to date. This old style, dual function biometric and RFID security pass could be hacked in minutes if you knew the right humanoid. Funny, when this tech was originally released they thought it would be help us locate and track packages, keep us safe. They even thought RFID would help us avoid queueing at the supermarket. The RFID reader we locate the items, scan the items, scan the customer and automatical charge their account. Well, I suppose we are the ones being locate and tracked now. Funny, I came across this old RFID advert the other day, its worth watching.

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