The truth is, work and family life got really intense. In early 2013 I was approached by Andy Schofield, Principal of The Wellington Academy and asked I would consider reapplying for a Vice Principal post. I did, and the rest, as they say, is history.

In January I arrived with the knowledge that significant improvements were required. I immediately oversaw the introduction of a new MIS and mid-year re-timetable. The drive to bring about improvements in teaching and learning (and assessment) focused on empowering and develop curriculum leaders. Professional development and peer-coaching sessions were a key. At the same time, how I found the time, Simon Chappell and I, contributed a data analytics and reporting schedule. With an informed approach, I was able to raise staff expectations and questioned limiting perceptions and before challenging under-achievement. Though I was working very much on the here and now, staffing for September remained a priority. We appointed senior leaders, middle leaders in core subjects and teachers to a range subjects. Six months past and I barely had time to think.