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Instruction or teaching?

This half term, I invested a good few hours with Engelmann and Carnine’s ‘Theory of Instruction.’ It was/is a challenging read, with plenty of opaque terminology, which even Engelmann himself recognises causes ‘arrhhhh’ moments here and there. I much needed diversion via two Engelmann video keynotes Engelmann (here and there) helped before I made my…
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1 Mar ’20 0

‘New’ Get into teaching advert

The new teacher advert has received mixed reviews. Some suggesting that the advert was “misleading.” Starting early was barely mentioned, yet leaving with the pupils, without marking, besmirched the credibility of the ad. (On the marking point, I have just double checked – he has got panniers on his bike.) Others took a different tact,…
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9 Jan ’20 0

Do teachers know thy impact

Yesterday I wrote about aspiring senior leaders knowing / finding out about their impact, it stems from my coaching relationship with three such aspiring leaders (Job applications – who are you?). In turn, I have been considering thy impact as coach? I then re-read Chris Moyse’s very promising Growing great teachers post and policy documents,…
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16 Mar ’19 2

Those small things again

Friday evening (Dec 14th) I fell into a conversation with a former teaching colleague via a Twitter follow that continued over the weekend. I am not going to sugar-coat it, the conversation that followed was the highlight of my day, possibly week and yet it was tinged with regret. A talented history teacher, Gemma moved away…
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6 Jan ’19 2

Is my teaching excellent? (part 2)

When I wrote part 1, I didn’t know there was going to be a part 2. However, here it is and it includes a subtle shift of emphasis. A shift from excellent or expert teachers, to excellent teaching. A shift towards adaptive and fluid experts. (Spoiler, there is also a part 3). From Berliner’s introduction…
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16 Dec ’18 0

#rEDKent – without getting wet

Searching the #rEDKent thread provides #rEDKent filtered content. It is content selected for re-posting. Then I filter this content a second time, what is interesting to me, or signposts to wider reading, or educationalists with contesting opinions worth following. All without getting wet. My answer to @fod3 question – Main takeaways today? #rEDKent The difference…
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1 Dec ’18 0