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Technology and me

Simon Warburton tagged me in on a staffrm.io ice bucket challenge type of post. Here is my reply. What’s your earliest memory of technology? We had an 8 track in the living room and I thought it was really very cool. After that it would have to be my one-person yellow Pac-man game. What bit…
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26 Jan ’15 0

The Hyper Connected Teacher

“I never think of the future – it comes soon enough.” ― Albert Einstein 1.1 Introduction I would like to think that my colleagues would describe as a passionate teacher, excited about my subject and my craft. I would like to think that my students wholeheartedly believe that their achievements are the result of their…
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12 Jul ’12 0

Hands on with Sifteo

I have been waiting near on three years to get my hands on a set of Sifteo cubes. First I read about the concept behind, then I watched David Merill’s TEDtalk and then I waited. And waited a little longer for the release date only for my hopes were dashed when pre-orders were limited to…
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30 May ’12 0

Worm or cheese?

I am here at New Place, listening to Nick Dennis sharing his thoughts on technology for education. Nick draws on his clear passion for his subject (history), a passion for learning, but an strong appreciation for infrastructure and a working knowledge and responsibility for school leadership. He draws on this breadth of experience to share…
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29 May ’12 0

Can technology change teacher practice?

I could not hold back. I just let it all out… Tom Whitby offers educators really great discussion. This afternoon I got caught up in ‘Can technology change teacher practice. When it comes to technology enhanced learning, I love the gadgets but I am only interested in the learning. Do we really need to force feed it upon the profession?…
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30 Jan ’12 0

Skeptical Customer and the Pencil Salesman

When did the debate start on technology start? Skeptical customer: “I’ve begun seeing more and more of these “pencils” around, but they don’t seem very useful to me.” Pencil salesman: “Oh not true, they are very useful indeed. Combined with this “paper” they become a powerful storage system.  You can write your ideas down on…
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4 Oct ’11 0