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Adventurer or Voyager

This post has been baking in the thinking-oven for near  on a year now, following a 2015 TES post – Summer homework assignment went viral. The original assignment had many interesting challenges and a really good balance of creativity, reflection and education and back in August when I read about it, I save the article and put…
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20 Jul ’16 0

Alan Wake – bringing it together (part 5)

It has been a busy few weeks and the project development has slowed down a little. On the plus side, Kelvin has managed to make real headway with the 4 station Xbox cabinet with the help of some sixth formers… … the XBOX station designed and built by students. We used different materials: wood for…
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26 Jun ’13 0

Wake-ing a thirst for literacy (part 1)

I had been on the look out for a cinematic, highly narrative video-game title to re-purpose as a writing stimulus for some time now, inspired by Tim Ryland’s use of Myst and following on from the success of using US hit series Flash Forward as a writing stimulus for lower ability sets. I say ‘lower…
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9 Jun ’13 0

Left Field Maths

Less than 1 hour left to get Football Manager 2012 on PC & Mac for 75% off…. Is there an innovative maths teacher out there that could use all the salaries and the contracts and the negotiations to create a inspiring and engaging unit of work for football mad disaffected mathematicians / learners.

14 Jul ’12 0

Crayon Physics Deluxe

Games as education has always been a passion of mine. Where playing is the learning. It is really hard to get right but I really think Crayon Physics Deluxe has nailed it, although I appreciate I am not a Science specialist and can not assuredly make that statement. So what is Crayon Physics Deluxe? It’s a…
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23 Jun ’12 1

Pac Man makes you fit

I have been wanting to get my PE and Primary pals chomping on this idea for just over a week now (where has the time gone). Remember Pac Man, of course you do. Sufficiently iconic to be a Google doodle, this beloved arcade giant has been hacked. Add a little imagination (well augmentation) GPS and…
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10 Jun ’12 0