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QuotesCover for your classroom or corridor

If you were looking for a quick way to dress your classroom, then Quotes Cover turns any ordinary saying texts or quotation (searchable by keyword) into a relatively attractive classroom or corridor poster. Add a little emphasis with an carefully placed asterix before Flicking clicking through various text font and colour combinations, add photo effects…
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1 Jul ’13 0

Hey good lookin

Looking for a landing page? Something that is simply, fast and sharp.Vizify remixes what is already there in the online mix (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and urls) and let’s you customise where you need to. Profiles are big, bold, and bright, presenting you and all of your data in a rather trendy chart-like, infographic way, with…
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19 Nov ’12 0

Quick reference

Most teachers need to access a handful of usernames and passwords, or key set of information you need a hand. If, like me you are in a data role, you will have a handful more. Scratchpad is a simple, lightweight app that hides away until you need it. Win+S bring up your notepad and Win+S hides it again. It’s portable, it has templates…
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17 Nov ’12 0


Here is one to look out for… Bloggn. (BTW I am ashamed to admint that only found out last week that an elipsis must only be three full stops, never four). Any way, Bloggn is a ‘gorgeous, full-featured Tumblr client’ iOS app. What I think out students will like  most of the app is the prospect of…
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14 Nov ’12 0

It’s not real music, but it’s music I can play

Don’t be angry with me music teachers. Google Chrome wants us to get creative and play music, together. Well I say play… Let’s Jam. Let me introduce Google’s new webapp that let’s you play music in your browser with up to three friends. You get to choose from 19 different instruments, with both “easy” and…
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8 Nov ’12 0

Coloured folders

I am now thinking two roles, my current role as Assistant Vice Principal (Progression and Achievement) and a new role (starting in Jan) Vice Principal (Teaching and Learning). I have folders for both role, in addition to all the ususal teaching folders. I was looking for a quick and easy was to define the folders and…
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31 Oct ’12 0