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Action and inaction – internal candidates

This weekend I was reminded that “action and inaction are in fact both — action.” The reminder arose from the perennial and tricky situation of internal candidates at job interviews. I originally penned this response in support of a trusted colleague and left in draft until I was able to secure professional HR advice (that…
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30 Jun ’21 0

Your metaphorical world

It has been a constructive week professionally, conversationally and reflectively. Some valuable conversations, and a little gratitude to share with some valuable people, in those conversations. In these conversations, I found myself adopting Clean Language and even calling myself out, as using Clean Language, to facilitate some of these conversations. It ended with a timely…
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1 May ’21 0

Doc Rivers #ubuntu

Coaches with championship résumés share their personal rules for success in sports and life in this reflective and inspiring documentary series. – The Playbook Despite its superficialities, I found Netflix’s The Playbook enjoyable if not compelling, with one notably Doc River explanation worthy of capturing. A person is a person through other people.I can’t be all I…
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30 Sep ’20 0

International wisdom

If there’s no wind, row. Latin Proverb COVID19 stole the wind. And I have been rowing. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I have been incredibly privileged and busy investing both my professional time and my discretionary time in two projects, sometimes concurrently. Let me explain. First, I have been investigating, exploring and teaching with all aspects…
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13 Jul ’20 0

Google for Education, efficiencies, architecture, mountain bikes and clean language

Apologies for the long title. Yesterday I had a meeting with Jamie Smith @CloudBusiness9 from C Learning to discuss Google for Education for a small soft federation of schools (one Secondary and six Primary Schools). The aim of the meeting was to ensure the transformation project was built upon secure footings that enabled future dexterity…
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3 Jul ’20 0

Cloud busting in lockdown

In accessible language. Do we move to the cloud? Can your system take the strain? Does your school or organisation have any emotional and professional capacity available, to take advantage of this unique, time sensitive opportunity whilst the momentum is with you? Time to reconsider on-premise services. MAT CEO’s, School Leaders, federated schools, charities leaders,…
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14 Jun ’20 0