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Plotline zzleup

With all the twists, turns, red herrings, dead-ends and misdirection in the text, coupled with the classes enthusiasm for riddles, I created a pseudo-puzzle activity to help review and then secure students understanding of the plot and to showcase how detective plot line is created. It is not the first time I have used this…
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6 Jul ’21 0

Making complex themes in texts accessible

Anything that is abstract is hard to pin down. Then, add to the fact,that the very abstract thing you are trying to pin down, remains in constant flux. Think of a real world map, where the borders keep moving. Add to the fact that you are holding onto knowledge acquired over a period of six…
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26 Oct ’19 0

Stars – C grade folders

Our growing number of students with C grade English coursework folders successes are being shared with students through the Miss Odell stars. Simple and effective. Now with two doors covered, we are moving onto wall space. Well done to all those staff and students. The second striking set of images are the Year topic banners…
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3 Apr ’14 0

Puffin Live, or so we thought

I understand the necessity for “rapid” progress however I am equally keen to anchor our progress on durable education practice and for me, there are few more important responsibilities than developing reading abilities. Instilling a love of reading a by-product. In a week where reading for pleasure was reported to offer a 14.4% advantage in vocabulary, a 9.9%…
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14 Sep ’13 0


Wonder – a desire or be curious to know something (v). As a noun, wonder is defined as a feeling of “surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.” That is kind of how I see our Head of English. I certainly admire her dedication to teaching (we are very lucky…
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28 Aug ’13 0

Alan Wake – in the classroom (part 6)

In a perfect world I would have photographs and student testimonies to share with you how well the launch went. I am sorry to let you down. You will have to take my word for it and a few analytic snippets I can share with you. I trialled the course with two sets of students.…
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15 Aug ’13 0