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7en live poetry

Our final lesson of the unit, time to give the students a little freedom.

21 Mar ’13 0

Live poetry production

After recapping our OARSIM acronym, the class are exploring and writing poetry with Concrete Poetry lets you choose or draw a picture on the screen, then drag and drop the words to fill in it that the tool gives you. MagneticPoetry is a kit that gives you a white canvas to drag and drop the…
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21 Mar ’13 0

Roaring success

Word Tamer is an interactive flash-based website where you “tame words and train stories.” It is quite literally a carnival of literary adventures. The site helps students create and develop new writing possibilities along the usual lines but with added verve – Wild Words, Prowl Through Plot, Capture a Character, Snare a Setting and Grapple with…
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19 Mar ’13 0

David Didau doesn’t do…

I feel that the saturation of poetry teaching has left its mark – my next tattoo will most like be ‘OARSIM’ – onomatopoeia, alliteration, rhyme and rhythm, simile, imagery and metaphor. Hence David Didau, doesn’t do… dull. David doesn’t do ‘activities’ either. What he does do is reflect on his practice, take risks, go off plan,…
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16 Mar ’13 0

Getting started, creatively

Writing is never a chore when students get to be creative. I wish that were true, for some students creative writing is the most daunting prospect on the planet. It is however a great task to set if you want students to learn how to get unstuck. Over at Ozge Karaoglu’s blog I read about…
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7 Feb ’13 0

Learning to be a…

Learning to be a… better English teacher. This is, and will continue to be, an on-going task. In getting ready for starting at The Wellington Academy, I found some scribbled notes and a post it. The notes were from a CPD session using the ASCL lesson observation DVDs. The post it note, well that could have come from almost…
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31 Dec ’12 1