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Vocabulary: not really a part 6

Vocabulary, language, reading…, all the time I am thinking about how learning happens and how teaching makes learning happen, reading, will be shadow my thinks. This by @ImpactWales flashed past my timeline yet again reminding me of the “literacy is language is literacy” mantra and how to incorporate The Frayer Model into RememberMore. Next –…
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11 Jul ’21 0

Plotline zzleup

With all the twists, turns, red herrings, dead-ends and misdirection in the text, coupled with the classes enthusiasm for riddles, I created a pseudo-puzzle activity to help review and then secure students understanding of the plot and to showcase how detective plot line is created. It is not the first time I have used this…
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6 Jul ’21 0

15 to win

Nearly 10 years ago my recaps starter involved 16 numbers cards, stuck to the whiteboard with blue tac. Underneath, drawn on the whiteboard, 9 Qs or questions, 3 stars, 4 blank spaces. Back in the day the students pulled off a card to reveal a Q, a star or a blank. Each question, correctly answered, are worth 1…
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15 Apr ’13 0

Marked improvement

This is not the time to be reflecting on a weekends marking however, just as I am checking out and about to power down, @dandesignthink posts this insightful image on Twitter. If you have not come across Dan’s graphic design, do check it out. Stunning, bespoke (or personalised) and reasonably priced. Note the absence of a…
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3 Mar ’13 0

Getting started, creatively

Writing is never a chore when students get to be creative. I wish that were true, for some students creative writing is the most daunting prospect on the planet. It is however a great task to set if you want students to learn how to get unstuck. Over at Ozge Karaoglu’s blog I read about…
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7 Feb ’13 0

English efforts

Three useful resources for English colleagues. English teachers, this is handy: RT @shfarnsworth: “Ten Things Good Writers Do” #EngChat  Plus a fantastic collection of images from David Terron (@daveterron) A0 posters no less.  

14 Dec ’12 0