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FreeRice 2.0

Moving to the English Department this  academic year I was looking for a range of English learning  activities, spelling tools and edugames to provide transition activities at the start or end of the lesson. This ‘need’ brought me back to my delicious bookmarks and to Freerice. I have been using Freerice on and off for…
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18 Sep ’10 0

Questions and Tweets

The BBC wrote an article on different teaching strategies. Two strategies that caught my attention were the ‘No Hands Up’ and ‘No Grades’ approaches. I have used both, encouraged colleagues to experiment with both and now I am going to try something new today, well next week. ‘No Hands Up’ This strategy focuses on reducing…
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9 Sep ’10 0

11b3 English

This afternoon I ‘taught ‘my first English lesson with 11b3. It is a small group, with a broad ability range. When time permits, I am going to openly share my teaching and learning experiences with this group. In doing so I will use a very simple self-assessment grading system out of ten grading the activity,…
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6 Sep ’10 0


E-Learning Proverb – The bait must suit the fish, not the angler. It was a RT (re-tweet) that passed through my Twitter feed over the weekend that struck a cord. Thinking over the Moodle teachmeet presenations and looking through my moodle courses, I wondered if I had in fact structured and designed courses that would appeal…
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12 Jul ’10 6