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Wellington Academy Visioning Day

Wellington Academy Visioning Day – it was a real privilege to facilitate an ICT visioning day with colleagues from Wellington Academy, reinventing, or at least repackaging, ICT under an Enterprise banner. Given a ‘blue sky canvas, we framed with day with three simple Sinek styled investigations. Why do we need to change or in this case reinvent the ICT…
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28 Jun ’12 0


So there is certainly more to learn about using in the classroom. It is clear from Holly impromptu interview (I spoke to her in her after school art workshop) that the textwall experiment was well received in our Yr11 PSRE lesson however there are still a few teaching and learning creases to iron out.…
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2 Feb ’12 0


Let’s not walk the path well trodden. Whether here at #ICT500 or there at the discussion and debate of what and why ICT continues. There are valued observations to take from each of these arenas; Nick Jackson has wrestled with the definition and diversion of ICT as a subject through #ICTcurr for moths, Kevin…
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1 Feb ’12 0

ICT Expert Review Panel

Dr Tom Crick is Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at CMU, he is also Leader of @CASWales and I am sure, has one or two other computer science veins of interest as well. What is really refreshing and most engaging, is that Dr Crick (can I go with Tom from here on in, or do…
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21 Dec ’11 0

Quest 5 Day 1

I am playing, and really enjoying “As Darkness Falls.” I have watched ‘Get Lamp” on Youtube (insightful) and worked my way through to Chapter 5 of Aaron Reeds excellent INFORM7 book. So why the transfer to Quest5, especially as its still in BETA? There are three very good answers to this question. Alex Warren is…
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29 Jul ’11 0

As Darkness Falls–Quest5

Its been an entertaining half an hour working through the opening of ‘As Darkness Falls.’ A mystery IF where you play a private detective investigating the disappearance of your friend. His last known location was a small run down motel in the middle of nowhere. Now, I may have only played a few games, but…
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25 Jul ’11 0