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Managing Behaviour for Learning

Back in October I enrolled on a Managing Behaviour for Learning (MBL) – course, offered by The National Science Learning Centre. In many senses the course was billed as a MOOC, so I shared the link with our staff and again in person with colleagues I felt might benefit from the course. No-one was directed to the…
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11 Apr ’15 0

Wiltshire Partnership – NQT Training Programme 2014/15

This afternoon the Wessex Partnership convened our first NQT meeting, bringing newly qualifies teaches from three local schools together to share their journey into the profession. It was a real privilege to meet with the various staff from across the county, to be a part of a relatively modest group of school leaders who see…
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1 Oct ’14 0

The data debate

Yesterday afternoon, I raced out of school at 3:55 to make it home with just enough time to make a cup of tea and rev up the PC, in preparation for “The data debate: the use and future of data in schools – live chat.” Together with numerous edutwitterati; @CharlotteSISRA, @simonwarburton,  @GiftedPheonix and @chrishildrew and a few…
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12 Feb ’14 0

Whole school curriculum planning

Waiting for @FOD3… (the message left in the workbook for the Head of English.) After a morning of experimenting, I have mocked up a simple wire frame for departments to report their curriculum maps, KS2 transition, KS3, KS4 and KS5. The aim, to maximise and deepen student learning by adjusting and modifying our content and scheduling. Yet…
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27 Apr ’13 0

90 minutes a day

This week I collected my possessions from my old office at Hamble Community Sports College and moved into my new office at The Wellington Academy. I suspect you can imagine the emotional confusion that tasks holds. One consequence (and opportunity) of the new role, is a moderate daily commute. Approximately forty-five to fifty minutes. I plan to use this time…
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5 Jan ’13 0

How good is a school?

Stepping in for our Principal last week I picked out a few leader comments that struck a chord. How good is a school? How good are your middle leaders? On making judgements about learning and teaching; I am trying to spend more time inside classrooms rather than outside them. Outstanding means everyone tighten up to…
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28 Jun ’12 0