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Story speaker – interactive audio fiction

As an English teacher I was always looking for ways to get my students excited about reading and writing. Interactive fiction was one such experiment. I quite often revisit Zork or Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy or Lost Pig and the students always love it. Writing IF was a bit tricky however we had some successes…
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28 Jun ’20 0

Inanimate Alice

Quite some while ago I highlighted a piece of interactive fiction, well more transmedia really, call Inanimate Alice. It is a narrative set in a technology saturated near future, telling the story of a young girl, merging text with animation, videos, music  and games to explore what it means to conduct your life online. As Alice’s journey…
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2 Oct ’12 0

Old Skool

Two old skool moments for you. One connected to my passion for IF and CYOA and the old, plain old gaming memories. For all you 30 and 40 somethings, Fighting Fantasy has come back from the dead, with the undead. To celerate the genr’es 30th anniversarty,  Ian Livingstone‘s has released a brand new title, Blood of the…
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31 Aug ’12 0

Quest at Games Britannia

There have been some very positive reviews of the Games Britannia event held in Rotehrham this week and numerous tweets filtering through. For those of you that drop in here for your Text Adventure fix, read about Alex Warrens (Quest developer) workshops here. If you are either an ICT teacher, computing teacher or even a Digital…
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5 Jul ’12 0

IF is a big word – it’s just literature

Why should IF be considered by English Departments? Many thanks to the delegates in the workshops at #CASWales12 for really exploring this question with me, it was a topic of debate in both sessions. The simple answer is that it really is just literature on steroids. The more complex answer… well I am hoping my English…
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25 Jun ’12 1

Thinking IF and language

Now, I know, you know, that I know, that IF has considerable educational potential but unless I leave my job and pursue the research full time I am going to find it tough get beyond the anecdotal evidence which I could bleat on about all day long. We have some time sampling data that shows specific…
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24 Jun ’12 0