Assessment spans the breadth and width of the profession. Assessment of learning, for learning, from the classroom to global education comparison, I barely scratch the surface but here is an outline of my interests.


Staff Performance

Performance management and accountability continues to be an area of professional interest and concern. How can we develop our profession more effectively and fairly. How do we encourage staff to grow?


Coaching and Mentoring

How I arrived and adopted Coaching and Mentoring as a core component of my leadership outlook, along with an overview of my interest in organisational design and development.


Free SSP resources

Four weeks reading, researching and learning about systematic synthetic phonics resulted in a cluster of reusable and flexible free resources that launch across a range of Triptico resources.

Just add imagination

Teaching and leading

This is my open, professional diary where I share my education adventures and ideas on the leadership learning and spaced retrieval practice+.

15% failure rates

This post has been in draft for a few months now however prompted by @CatherineRusht2‘s mention of the “Goldilocks Principle” – I finished and posted it. Fortuitous indeed. You get[…]

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12 Jan ’22 0

Where retrieval practice meets CLT

“I’ll pour this pestilence into his ear”Act 2 Scene 3 It has been a while since I got behind the keyboard to blog. Following the positive reception to “Why and[…]

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1 Jan ’22 0

Over at SecEd

Why and how we should be using retrieval practice and space learning Published: 01 December 2021 Retrieval practice alone is not enough. We must also consider spaced learning, interleaving, feedback and[…]

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1 Dec ’21 1

Proud father and husband, with an interest in education leadership, teaching, learning and assessment, personal professional development and performance review.

Looking for information on spaced retrieval practice+ and Successive Relearning

Professional endorsements

Over at LinkedIn colleague and associates can leave endorsements. Here are a few of my favourites.

“After spending 1000+ hours driving to work with Kristian and another 2500+ hours working alongside him at The Wellington Academy (TWA), I am delighted to be in a position to write this recommendation on his behalf. Kristian is an exceptional leader of education. He is compassionate, knowledgeable and forward thinking. In three years he has made a significant difference to the lives of pupils, their families and the staff at TWA. Much of the recent success at TWA is a direct result of his hard work, innovative (mad at times) ideas and high standards.”

Paul Blake
Deputy Head Teacher at The Clere School

“I was lucky enough to be taught by Kristian during my time at college as well as having the privileged position of working along side him at Southampton Football Club as an assistant coach. His teaching and coaching styles were incredibly innovative and thought provoking which I always felt produced the best out of me. On a personal level Kristian was always approachable and extremely generous of his time. He took an active and sincere interest in my development which I will always be very grateful for.”

Paul Walshe

“It is very clear from the first minute you meet Kristian that he has an unrivalled passion for education. His enthusiasm is infectious; his values are sincere. Having worked with Kristian for a while now I have gained a clear insight into his leadership style. Which leads me to say what a pleasure it is to be line managed by him. He understands people as people, and understands how they will operate best. It is this balance which gains him the respect he deserves from both students and staff alike.”

Ross Birtwhistle

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