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Why Successive Relearning? Capturing the climate shift? (Part 2)

This is “Part 2” in a short series of posts exploring the introduction of Successive Relearning (both CRM and the now the RM app) with Ben Windsor aka @MrClassics3. In fact, it would be fair to say that I am merely piggie backing his reflections and insights. As per “Why Successive Relearning? Socrates was right!…
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29 Mar ’21 0

Sunday Trefoil 17.11.19

A weekly update is proving demanding. Because teaching is demanding (and equally rewarding.) This week I planned, taught, read around the authors of the text I teaching, compiled Youtube Playlists, attended a school Research Group forum on Retrieval Practice (in recognition of the kind support of the Session Lead and partly because I am interested…
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17 Nov ’19 0

New Term

The start to a new academic year can leave you stretched. It is all to easy to get embroiled in the hubbub and excitement of it all and regret not pacing yourself, not taking time out to reflect and review what went well and what needs changing next June – Sept. I have determining recorded…
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18 Sep ’11 0

Leadership Interviews

Experience is what you get, when you don’t get what you want. Applying for leadership posts can be, has been and often will be, an emotional and challenging process. Even when unsuccessful at interview, the long term reflections reveal true value in the experience in addition to the benefits of seeing another school ‘at work’,…
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31 May ’11 0

Global Conversations

Leading on from the post on Merlin John Online I went onto listen to my second global debate in a week, iMoot be the first. Which of my PGCE tutors would have suggested I would be listening to a recording of a LIVE stream event that brought eminent international educationalist together to debate education values.…
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4 May ’11 1

Lipdub Completed

It took us just over an hour to video 3 full length ‘takes’ and then a further hour or so to convert the files, edit the titles, add the soundtrack before uploading to Youtube. The students were amazingly patient as we waited for the Sports Centre customers and PE classes to clear the ‘set.’ Complimenting the students,…
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23 Jul ’10 0