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Latimer, Peyre and Ramus (2021)

A Meta-Analytic Review of the Benefit of Spacing out Retrieval Practice Episodes on Retention 3948 results, processed down to 42 studies selected for screening, 29 studies fulfilled the criteria. Two key questions Spaced versus Massed Repeated Retrieval Practice Expanding versus Uniform Spacing Schedule Moderators included Setting Education Level Type of Material Design Test Type Used…
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2 Oct ’21 0

Vocabulary: What does it look like (part 5)

Hours invested, reading and watching, to learn that the Simple View of Reading is not simple, and that “Teaching Reading Is Rocket Science.” Here is what Louisa Moats would have us know and do. And if Pamela Snow references her work – I need little encouragement to take note. direct teaching of decoding, comprehension, and…
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3 Jul ’21 4

Vocabulary: What now (part 4)

Life is short. Vocabulary is long. (And interwoven).* What started out as a line of enquiry, became an edventure, bringing with it new phrases and plenty of new vocabulary: word families, orthography, morpho-phonemic language, The Simple View of Reading (SVR), comorbid, corpora. Clearly, all four areas of literacy (speaking, listening, reading and writing) are worthy…
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1 Jul ’21 4

Elaborative questioning and CRM (Part 5)

In Part 4 of this post, together with Ben Windsor @MrClassics3 we discussed the importance of the corrective feedback stage of using RememberMore’s Classroom (CRM) function in practicality. Read it here. The feedback stage of the RememberMore protocol closes the loop and allows a new one to be opened. As with the routines at the beginning…
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21 Jun ’21 0

Hidden Lives of Learners (III)

I can not remember when I first encountered Graham Nuthall’s research or exactly when I first read The Hidden Lives of Learners but it is one of those titles that often re-surfaces in talks and blog posts, still, having been first published in 2007. I re-read for the second time, after it appeared on Chris…
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6 Jun ’21 0

What if learners arrived to our classrooms with X substantive knowledge?

This is just an idea, a proposal, an idea incubating, at that. I have been thinking about the notion for a little while and shared it with a few trusted educator colleagues. There are upsides and downsides however I would be interested in discussing this idea with any school or group of schools that would…
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15 May ’21 0