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Getting Started with Google Classroom

So I am presuming that you will do what pretty much most teachers do (and students for that matter). What I did too. You typed “getting started with Google classroom” in the search bar and followed the links. You then either watched and / or read about building your first Google Classroom. There is a…
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22 May ’20 0

38% difference

There are a whole lot of things in this world of ours you haven’t started wondering about yet. Old-Green-Grasshopper Time to read, write, reflect and connect-the-dots this past month has deepen my conviction that teaching and the leading the development of teachers is a messy business. Teacher development is informed, artful and responsive more than it…
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5 Jan ’19 0


Oct 21st – Schools Week published Karen Wespieser’s “Why is the good cpd always on the weekend?” An article that Karen noted had reignited the debate on weekend CPD. With an open door, here is my two cents. I think Karen may have under egged the pudding and I wrote to her to say so,…
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19 Nov ’17 0

Rubbing salt in the wounds

Rubbing salt in the wounds of the teaching profession is conceived from a random mixt of inputs. The “Financial Sustainability of Schools Inquiry,” midweek reports that schools have slashed CPD budgets, an Ofsted presentation “Growing great schools: what has the most impact?“ a long drive home from Canons Park TSA yesterday “Working with Complexity in…
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5 Feb ’17 0

Professional Development – SEN

Today I received a surprise reminder via Outlook. It was a reminder asking me to reflect on the SEN INSET day. A few seconds past and then an “oh, I remember,” acknowledgement followed. I set a reminder to see how effective the training had been and how well I had incorporated and embedded my notes into my practice. I can…
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27 Mar ’15 0

CPD an exit pitfall?

What if I invest all this time and money to develop our teachers and then they leave? What if you don’t, and they stay?

31 Jul ’14 0