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BBC Two School Season

Adverts, online articles and now short iPlayer clips the bell is ringing loud and clear for a major BBC2 season focusing on education. Two programmes caught my attention;   Unequal Opportunities With John Humphrys Monday, 20.09.10 21:00 on BBC Two John Humphrys examines why the attainment gap between advantaged and disadvantaged pupils has stubbornly refused…
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19 Sep ’10 0

Fierce Reflections

Every summer I try and read at least three books to support my professional development, often read during a summer holiday. Fierce Conversations was recommended at a Middle Leaders training session, presented by a newly appointed Assistant Headteacher. Hampshire Teaching and Leadership College have a ‘Leadership Library,’ so I simply phoned, asked if they held a copy of…
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5 Aug ’10 0

Scale up, not down

First of all, a big congratulations to the Digital Leaders @ Hamble College who impressed Vital’s Helen Caldwell. On Wednesday, Helen inform us that we had been issued a grant to help bring teachers from various SE school together to help define the Digital Leader project. To then expand the project and to help like minded schools start…
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15 Feb ’10 2

Where to Throw Your Stones

Dr Scott MacLeod  writes an edtech focused blog with a slant on leadership and IMHO he has a fair amount of insight worth reviewing. With Vital  about to visit Hamble Community Sports College next week I am mindful of one of his recent posts…. As I’ve said many times: If a teacher gets it, a classroom changes.…
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23 Jan ’10 0

Lie to Me – CPD for teachers?

‘Lie to Me* ‘ is an Fox tv series that my wife and I stumbled upon on Sky 1 and its now considered an essential viewing– CPD. Well CPD for me but perhaps not for her, she is an accountant. Well maybe for her? The show focuses on the efforts of  Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) and his…
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3 Jan ’10 0

An Imagination Machine

Another fantastic re-direct from my RSS reader. My learning really is global. I find it amazing that I can watch the keynote speakers from a conference in New Zealand. Today I watched Dr Gary Stager presentation, ‘10 things you can do with a laptop.‘ With nearly 20 years experience of digital education and 1:1 computing, Dr Stager is…
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12 Nov ’09 0