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Deeper, cleaner, leader

For 18 months, communication (both sending and received messages) has been an area for professional development and investigation. In my mind, communication has now been separated into two actionable sending components; planned communication and conversations on-the-go and one receptive component, listening. Over the past eight months, communication has overlapped with growing interest in Coaching. It…
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26 Feb ’19 0

Data Glossary for School Improvement

I work with two fantastic middle leaders. Both support me whole heartedly and their feedback is always well considered. In preparing a whole school, whole year, data monitoring calendar I asked if one of my lines to proof both the document and the monitoring tasks. These serves two purposes. The first, it shows my colleagues that I value…
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4 Sep ’12 11

Planning with Middle Leaders in Mind

Given a fairly positive first core day, I was giving ‘planning’ more consideration that I usually would on a Monday afternoon. Specifically, when and how you learn to plan effectively. So, given the NCSL materials and the commentary from Maggie Swinnerton, this is a document I hope to share and get feedback on, from the…
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29 Nov ’11 0

Pivot Tables

12 months ago I was shown pivot tables in Excel 2007. I was very impressed but I think I only had one real purpose to use them, when analysing ICT OCR National results. In all honesty, with just 4 grades (D, M, P, Working Towards WT), a fantastic ‘shared’ grades database written by a colleague,…
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16 Jan ’11 0


I am very pleased proud pleased to announce that Liam Nicol, our GTP student, successfully completed his formal assessment with Reading University. This was my first experience of being a GTP mentor, having mentored PGCE students in both PE and ICT previously, and I just wanted to share a few reflections on the GTP and make some loose comparisons to the PGCE from a…
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24 Jun ’10 0

John Wooden

John Wooden, affectionately known as Coach, led UCLA to record wins that are still unmatched in the world of basketball. Throughout his long life, he shared the values and life lessons he passed to his players, emphasizing success that’s about much more than winning. Searching through a discount new and used bookstore one afternoon on…
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7 Jun ’10 0