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SSAT 17th Day 2

After the disappointment of the repetitive start to day 1, I took enjoyed a more leisurely start to Day 2 of the conference. Dame Stella Rimington began the days proceedings with an interesting speech outlining the global changes that occurred during the her time with the secret service. Sadly there was little I could take…
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26 Nov ’09 0

SSAT 17th Day 1 – Could do better

Day 1 started with Thomas L Freidman. I was reassured that this was not merely going to be a prequel to his later address keynote in the main hall, otherwise why would I have got up early? I was pleased to hear his views and the Q/A session at the end provided some much needed…
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25 Nov ’09 0

An Imagination Machine

Another fantastic re-direct from my RSS reader. My learning really is global. I find it amazing that I can watch the keynote speakers from a conference in New Zealand. Today I watched Dr Gary Stager presentation, ‘10 things you can do with a laptop.‘ With nearly 20 years experience of digital education and 1:1 computing, Dr Stager is…
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12 Nov ’09 0

Coming up for Air part b

Of late, I finally think that education is beginning to see the benefit of greater school collaboration. Whether school federations, NCLS cross school cohorts or lead practitioner groups, there appears to be a greater emphasis on dispersed conversation. Despite the growing formal CPD opportunities, I still gain more influential strategic and teaching input from my Personal…
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5 Nov ’09 0

Comin up for Air part a

Coming up for Air When do you come up for air? Many teachers use half-terms to clear a back log of marking and I am no different, but what of those teaching staff that are also responsible for IT Services? The challenge for those middle leaders with this duality is, down time for one role…
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2 Nov ’09 0

Secondary Headteachers Digest

I was the last name on the CLT staff rotor for the ‘Secondary Headteachers Digest.’ Sadly, it has taken me nearly four weeks to read it. Next time, it will be given greater priority but first I will have to source it. The editorial included a wide range of documents covering various professional themes, political issues…
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28 Oct ’09 2