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Swamps the new rainforest?

Classrooms are messy and complex, a veritable swamp of interactions. After the testing effect, retrieval practice here are four that we have been exploring at length with RememberMore: spacing, interleaving confidence, motivation and interleaving. Spacingand interleaving (metacognition, confidence) Most recently, working in Year 7 maths classrooms, Emeny, Hartwig & Rohrer (2021) reported that spaced practice…
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31 Jul ’21 0

Art and Science of reading

Morning Reading, vocab remains very much in the professional learning cross hairs. This morning I read this recommendation to read a guest post on Pamela Snow’s blog. It is well worth it. Needless to say, that this short clip, adds to the encouragement to read the post and subscribe to the blog. Afternoon This afternoon,…
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29 Jul ’21 0

RememberMore in a year

With 18 months experience of teaching with RememberMore here is what I would share with schools looking to stabilise a school in flux or recession and why RememberMore may just be part of the solution. RememberMore is one part routine maker / behaviour barometer, one part teacher professional development and curriculum definer and three parts…
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27 Jul ’21 0

Clever vocab tricks

Short and to the point. I am thinking a lot about how to teach and pre-teach vocabulary. There is a lot of vocabulary to teach. Here is a nifty little Google Sheet that I designed to help prep vocabulary for RememberMore but it can be used independently of course. How to use Warnings first. Some…
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26 Jul ’21 0

Brave enough to ask students?

Arguably, the most difficult and the most unpredictable year. And yet, there will always be insights. Always. Ask those that know. Ask your students. Every year, for the past… lots of years, I have asked the students I teach, or the teachers I work with, for their views and feedback. This year, I had more…
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21 Jul ’21 0

The EEF Report published

Last week I shared my thoughts and notes on Dr Tom Perry’s pre-publication presentation of Cognitive Science in the Classroom. Today (now a few days ago) the EEF full report, executive summary and methodology were released. The irony of avoiding “lethal mutation” is not lost on me, as a thorough 300 page report and protocol,…
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20 Jul ’21 0