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thinTHINKINGking – forecasting performance

Metacogniton has been an area of professional interest following a morning conversation with Professor Daniel Muijs at Embley Hampshire in 2018. It was about the time the EEF release the Metacogition and Self Regulated Learning Guidence Report. More recently the EEF published the Metacognition and Self Regulation: Evidence Review (May 2020). I remain interested in…
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18 Jul ’21 0

Vocabulary: not really a part 6

Vocabulary, language, reading…, all the time I am thinking about how learning happens and how teaching makes learning happen, reading, will be shadow my thinks. This by @ImpactWales flashed past my timeline yet again reminding me of the “literacy is language is literacy” mantra and how to incorporate The Frayer Model into RememberMore. Next –…
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11 Jul ’21 0

Ahead of the report…

If you are interested in “Cognitive Science in the Classroom” then the #RushHourResearch presentation from Dr Tom Perry (08.07.21) is an interesting hours watch. Particularly the headlines. Headlines Teachers should have working knowledge of cognitive science principles. But also it’s gaps and limitations. Cognitive science does matter it does seem to affect rates of learning substantially. That…
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9 Jul ’21 1

Plotline zzleup

With all the twists, turns, red herrings, dead-ends and misdirection in the text, coupled with the classes enthusiasm for riddles, I created a pseudo-puzzle activity to help review and then secure students understanding of the plot and to showcase how detective plot line is created. It is not the first time I have used this…
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6 Jul ’21 0

Vocabulary: What does it look like (part 5)

Hours invested, reading and watching, to learn that the Simple View of Reading is not simple, and that “Teaching Reading Is Rocket Science.” Here is what Louisa Moats would have us know and do. And if Pamela Snow references her work – I need little encouragement to take note. direct teaching of decoding, comprehension, and…
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3 Jul ’21 4

Vocabulary: What now (part 4)

Life is short. Vocabulary is long. (And interwoven).* What started out as a line of enquiry, became an edventure, bringing with it new phrases and plenty of new vocabulary: word families, orthography, morpho-phonemic language, The Simple View of Reading (SVR), comorbid, corpora. Clearly, all four areas of literacy (speaking, listening, reading and writing) are worthy…
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1 Jul ’21 4