Planning with Middle Leaders in Mind


Planning with Middle Leaders in Mind

29 Nov ’11 Leadership Middle Management 0

Given a fairly positive first core day, I was giving ‘planning’ more consideration that I usually would on a Monday afternoon. Specifically, when and how you learn to plan effectively. So, given the NCSL materials and the commentary from Maggie Swinnerton, this is a document I hope to share and get feedback on, from the colleagues I work with in Curriculum areas. Feel free to add, comment and reuse.

We often plan change with ready made planning steps. Not unlike those presented below (adapted from the NCSL Middle Leaders materials). More recently I have began to consider that we often overlook or anticipate the ‘change impact’ on you, the change agent.

Good Planning

  • Objectives
  • Actions
  • Responsibilities
  • Timescales
  • Resources
  • Measureable success criteria
  • Monitoring, evaluating and next steps
  • Review dates

Testing the Planning

Most plans fail because they are never tried or are implemented without any thought as to what might go wrong; Consider therefore;

  • What things might get in the way
  • What are the worst case scenarios
  • What you have ‘going for you’
  • Prioritises
  • Be realistic in your time expectations

Monitor, Evaluate, Review

  • Step back regularly and reflect on progress
  • Select a small number of key success indicators
  • Collect hard results and soft evidence (views, formal feedback)
  • Weigh the evidence and, if need be, carry out improvements

Remember your Vision

Your vision is not static, evolving with practice. When we change, we learn, how can that change process be included, or at least highlighted, as part of the implementation of the plan.

Clearly define the impact you are aiming to achieve. The evidence you aim to collect and evaluation processes.

The impact on the staff you are working with (both teaching and non-teaching) on students, parents, guardians and carers, the community, the governors.

Note to self; consider and reflect the impact implementing the plan will have on you, the change agent.

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