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English Radar

The SSAT English radar is an electronic newsletter, distributed to the SSAT’s English network, approximately 3000 Heads of English and teachers of English, as well as senior leaders, across England. It focuses on the successful leadership and management of an English department, as well as classroom pedagogy. The newsletter includes stories from schools, teaching tips and…
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19 Nov ’12 0

Attendance Black Ops to writing opiate

Anyone else missing a few students from class this week? Year 10 and 11 boys in particular, as of November 13th? Can we expect some bleary eyed teenagers to return to class next week? [blackbirdpie url=”″] Let use the dollar figures shall we, they are higher. And higher here, is more definitely better. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 earned a staggering $500…
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17 Nov ’12 0

Inanimate Alice

Quite some while ago I highlighted a piece of interactive fiction, well more transmedia really, call Inanimate Alice. It is a narrative set in a technology saturated near future, telling the story of a young girl, merging text with animation, videos, music  and games to explore what it means to conduct your life online. As Alice’s journey…
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2 Oct ’12 0

Neek and YOLO

Just a short post to highlight a new term I encountered yesterday when a student relayed their account of an incident in class. A confrontation occurred when one student reacted rather vicisfously to be called a neek. Neek: A cross between a Nerd and a Geek. It doesn’t seem all that bad, but probably worse if you are…
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24 May ’12 0

Slow Writing

Sent with IFTTT Here is a combination of Prezi lesson, Triptico Slow App and self help or self taught lesson on slow writing. It was made for o2learn although the audio here is a little better than the audio on that version. As the very supportive as ever Kerry Turner (@4goggas) informed me.   [blackbirdpie…
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17 May ’12 0

Popplet Slow Writing

As an experienced practitioner, yet inexperienced English teacher, I have and continue to working hard to learn my refining my craft. The English Twitterati are a constant source of ‘tried and tested’ methods, strategies and ideas as well as encouragement when I strike out on my own. This week we began with our Year 7a3…
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13 May ’12 0