15 to win


15 to win

15 Apr ’13 #Success English 0

15towinNearly 10 years ago my recaps starter involved 16 numbers cards, stuck to the whiteboard with blue tac. Underneath, drawn on the whiteboard, 9 Qs or questions, 3 stars, 4 blank spaces. Back in the day the students pulled off a card to reveal a Q, a star or a blank.

Each question, correctly answered, are worth 1 point each. Answer correct and the student gets the choice to play on or retain their total and pass on control of the board. Reveal a star and the student receives a point, no question, and again the student gets the choice to play on or retain their total and pass on control of the board. Reveal a blank and your score is zeroed. Hence the game became known as ‘Classroom Roulette.’

The game was an over riding success. Simple game mechanics with the risk or winning or blowing out, a real possibility. Of course, feel free to manipulate the scoring.

The gameboard was recreated with the original Triptico Cardboard, again the students loved this simple game. I am not quite sure why, but they loved it nevertheless. What is more, with the ability to add images and information to both sides of the cards, as well as pick them up and put them back, I wonder what edutainment lies ahead for my students. Funnily enough, I shall probably turn it over to the stundets and ask them for their ideas.

For the time being, I have recreated ‘Classroom Roulette’ as ’15 to win.’ Help yourself here.

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