Marked improvement


Marked improvement

3 Mar ’13 #Success English Teaching 0

MarkingThis is not the time to be reflecting on a weekends marking however, just as I am checking out and about to power down, @dandesignthink posts this insightful image on Twitter. If you have not come across Dan’s graphic design, do check it out. Stunning, bespoke (or personalised) and reasonably priced. Note the absence of a disclosure clause. That really is my honest opinion.

Given I use TIMs (triple impact marking) approaches to marking I really connected with this image. Afterall, it’s a lot easier to explain than TIMs, even if TIMs is not that difficult in the first place. A picture paints a thousand words and all that jazz.

So, back to the marking… I was over the moon with three students who had redrafted their work before submitting it for marking. I was smiling broadly when two students responded to peer feedback, one student who had been advised to include more ‘poetic features’ in her short poem, added an alliterative pair and a splash of onomatopoeia. Very poignant given we were writing about the sea. As a consequence I let me star stamp do the stamping thanking and left comments moving these students ever closer towards their target grades, and one student beyond. I am actually looking forward to returning these students their books on Wednesday, there are , as you would expect of a mixed ability group, a handful of students with more instruction than guidance.

Incidentally, getting around the room every lesson with a star stamp to recognise ‘smart,’ well presented, non-graffiti work, is really beginning to pay off. On Thursday – one of my students insisted she go back to my office and collect the forgotten star stamp. Small things. Marginal gains.

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