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ipadio: Yr 7 Triptico Think Link

Just for the record, Triptico is FREE and I have no commericial interests or ties to the product, however I will say I use one of the 20 tools, almost everyday in my teaching. Listen to my latest phonecast

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10 Nov ’11 0

IF, Gathering Steam

This week I have spent most of my free-time in the evenings reading Aaron Reed’s ‘Creating Interactive Fiction with INFORM7.’ You only have to review Aaron’s online profile and contribution to INFORM6/7 to know that he had a real passion for his craft as well as looking beyond interaction fiction, “developing new forms of participatory…
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16 Jul ’11 0


Having only played Zork, I wanted another adventure to explore, to confirm that IFs had mileage. The Directory of IFs presented a plethora of opportunities and an active IF community. To play an IF, you will mainly need an “interpreter” although some games can now be played directly in your browser (I had more success…
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6 Jul ’11 0

Interactive Fiction so much sexier than…

Let’s face it, ‘Interactive Fiction’ sounds  so much sexier than… text based adventures. Interactive fiction, often abbreviated as IF, describes simulating environments in which players use text commands to control characters and influence the environment, not that dissimilar to the gamebook adventures or CYOA titles (choose you own adventures) in which the reader’s choices determine…
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24 Jun ’11 2

Using Feedback as the Lesson

Before I get to the ‘Using Feedback as the Lesson’ post, there are a couple of pedagogical reflections / questions I wish to highlight / discuss with you and hopefully, as its the holidays, you might comment? A recent research study by Durham University would suggest that quality feedback from teachers is more effective in…
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31 May ’11 1