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How accurate are teacher forecast grades?

Basic in 2012, I invested a lot of time researching forecasting pupil performance. Specifically CATs and FFT. In 2015, as part of our Improvement Strategy we wanted to feedback to Heads of Department on their prediction accuracy – on a “optimism-pessimism” scale and designed an assessment tool. Very simplistically, as you can see, variance of…
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31 Mar ’20 0

Learning Game Design

Another great RSS link, another great TED talk delivered by a disruptive, thoughtful and adventurous educator, Paul Anderson; backed up by his website and a YouTube channel overflowing with flipped style tutorial videos.   A lot of what Paul promotes reminds me of both what ‘The Escapist‘- as was and the 3D Gamelab are trying to promote and who know’s,…
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17 Jun ’12 0

Popplet Slow Writing

As an experienced practitioner, yet inexperienced English teacher, I have and continue to working hard to learn my refining my craft. The English Twitterati are a constant source of ‘tried and tested’ methods, strategies and ideas as well as encouragement when I strike out on my own. This week we began with our Year 7a3…
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13 May ’12 0

Prezi now accepts PPT

Having read David Didau’s ‘The evils of powerpoint‘ here is a timely reminder that visual impact counts. Prezi has taken the presentation arena by storm and it keeps on getting better. The product itself is intuitive to use, makes full use of connected media and design savvy. It makes your presentations look good, just do not…
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8 May ’12 0

Classdojo and Textiles

For those of you that like to reward positive behaviour, then is an excellent tool and its only going to get better. Now available in IE, I have been sharing it with a range of staff and have received some very positive responses indeed. From a personal perspective, I know it impacts on behaviour…
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7 Mar ’12 1

ipadio: Yr 11 Comandeers the IWB Pen. We Asked Why?

Listen to my latest phonecast A five minute impromptu conversation with a member of staff with an IWB in his room soon became a lesson for the teacher. A Yr11 student in for coursework catch-up saw what we were doing on the IWB and commandeered the IWB pen and proceed to organise the tiles. I…
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9 Feb ’12 1