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RememberMore – Match Mode

Back to school. Back at the coal face. Another fruitful week working on Remembermore and with various curriculum experts and colleagues. What is new? – individual decks now have their own URL. Here is a direct link to KS3 Eng Romeo Juliet. New decks GCSE Eng Animal Farm and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde,…
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11 Mar ’21 0

Filter failure

Rethinking Education is a webinar series from Adobe. The first episode which sees @Dom_traynor interview author and learning futurist David Price (OBE) @DavidPriceOBE popped up in my stream this Sunday morning. It was worth sharing. Introduction With hindsight, David suggests we will see Covid19 as a marker. Learning used to be centred in schools. Knowledge…
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14 Jun ’20 0

How accurate are teacher forecast grades?

Basic in 2012, I invested a lot of time researching forecasting pupil performance. Specifically CATs and FFT. In 2015, as part of our Improvement Strategy we wanted to feedback to Heads of Department on their prediction accuracy – on a “optimism-pessimism” scale and designed an assessment tool. Very simplistically, as you can see, variance of…
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31 Mar ’20 0

Trefoil 02.02.20

What is worth sharing this week? Assessment Assessment has been a focus this week. Making assessments accessible Variability between assessments In order to mark assessments accessible to students I have support create two tiers of assessment. In the second tier or ++ tier I have experimented with fill-in the blank introduction paragraphs, writing frames and…
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2 Feb ’20 0

Professional confidence in “data drops”

Having led a school and currently teaching full-time, I am immersed in a unique professional experience. Here is what has got a hold of my attention. Aggregation is the friend of reliability I am teaching a core subject. We have interim, in class, controlled assessments. The way I have set up my teaching, is to…
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1 Feb ’20 0