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Google for Education, efficiencies, architecture, mountain bikes and clean language

Apologies for the long title. Yesterday I had a meeting with Jamie Smith @CloudBusiness9 from C Learning to discuss Google for Education for a small soft federation of schools (one Secondary and six Primary Schools). The aim of the meeting was to ensure the transformation project was built upon secure footings that enabled future dexterity…
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3 Jul ’20 0

Cloud busting in lockdown

In accessible language. Do we move to the cloud? Can your system take the strain? Does your school or organisation have any emotional and professional capacity available, to take advantage of this unique, time sensitive opportunity whilst the momentum is with you? Time to reconsider on-premise services. MAT CEO’s, School Leaders, federated schools, charities leaders,…
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14 Jun ’20 0

The start is the wrong place to begin

Having summarised the lockdown learning dilemma we are experiencing now, my attention turned to the DfE’s “tech giants” and EdTech Demonstrators Programme what tomorrow may look like. So part II of Learning in lockdown so to speak. Whilst I am a edtech enthusiast, I do not see a post-lockdown edtech revolution. “Two years growth in two…
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1 May ’20 0

Scott vs Amundsen

Stories – foundations for assemblies. Victory awaits him who has everything in order – luck, people call it. Defeat is certain for him who has neglected to take the necessary precautions in time; this is called bad luck. Roald Amundsen The Race to the South Pole: Scott vs Amundsen Two leaders. Two expeditions. Two separate routes. Two different…
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14 Apr ’20 0

How accurate are teacher forecast grades?

Basic in 2012, I invested a lot of time researching forecasting pupil performance. Specifically CATs and FFT. In 2015, as part of our Improvement Strategy we wanted to feedback to Heads of Department on their prediction accuracy – on a “optimism-pessimism” scale and designed an assessment tool. Very simplistically, as you can see, variance of…
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31 Mar ’20 0

Trefoil 10.01.20

The first trefoil of 2020 and my thoughts are anything but 20:20. Early starts to “run and listen” made an welcome return but they are a shock to the system. In addition, I am waist deep in a discussion centred on diversity and #allyship in education with Patrick Ottley-O’Connor @ottleyoconnor. Focusing on the labels we…
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7 Jan ’20 0