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Good enough

Sunday mornings, courtesy of our two year old daughter, often start early. This morning her enthusiasm to get the day started provided plenty of time for me to read through my RSS with Nick JR droning on in the background. I twice read this quote from Dylan Wiliam and think that in the calm before…
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6 Jan ’13 0

More than teachers…

Raising aspirations is easy said than done but I work with some amazingly dedicated staff who go the extra mile. In fact one of my colleagues brought in not one but two inspirational speakers last week and the impact was there for all to see. The two snippets below are adapted from her notes. First ‘Navy day.’…
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24 Sep ’12 0

Look behind your monitor…

Listening to Katie Broadribb (AST Wildern School) at the IT Strategy Seminar we were exposed to a wide range of learning opportunities exploiting technology within a technology mature, supportive and underwritten setting. All the major players made an appearance, FB, Twitter, Youtube, iPads and iPods were championed. Yet, it was two effective learning strategies that…
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29 May ’12 0

The future belongs to the curious

The guys and gals at Skillshare crafted a simply irresistible and immensely inspiring video entitled ‘The future belongs to the curious.’ Tomorrow I get to share it with a group of students as part of a writing to argue lesson. Its certainly worth the two minutes, gone on watch it twice and you will not be disappointed.  …
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6 Feb ’12 0

Lil Red About to Head Out into the Big Wide World

An hour here and an hour there, I have been adding to my first IF title ‘Lil Red.’ Its proving a steep and very enjoyable learning curve, made even more challenging by the fact that it’s the holidays and I don’t feel I can pester Quest developer @alexwarren. I feel a little embarrassed each time…
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30 Dec ’11 1

Angry Birds in the classroom

from Steps in Teaching and Learning http://www.ictsteps.com/2011/06/angry-birds-in-the-classroom/ Sent with IFTTT

21 Jun ’11 0