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I am not prepared to tell him… yet

Back in September Dylan Wiliam wrote “The nine things every teacher should know.” Last night, Phil Stock The Best Laid Plans 101 reasons why lessons go wrong. In mischievous mood, I thought I’d see what wriggle room there was in Wiliam’s post. I forecast that I will live to regret this decision. Picking a fight…
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14 Nov ’17 0

What works, worries me.

The responsibility of leading “Teaching, Learning and Assessment” is a Goliath responsibility. Individually, Teaching, Learning or Assessment all present bespoke challenges, dilemmas and opportunities. Collectively, we can all agree, they impact upon one another. That the inter-play between them is obvious at times, yet subtle, even camouflaged, at others. Hence the recent proliferations and attraction of meta-analysis in…
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10 May ’15 0

What % of outstanding schools have below average ability intake?

What percentage of outstanding schools have below average ability intake? It is a good question, isn’t it. What percentage of Outstanding schools have below average ability intake? Without the limitation of 140 characters “What percentage of Ofsted Outstanding rated schools have a below average intake?” If you follow the link through to the tweet, you…
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4 Mar ’15 7


Okay, a very short post. It is late. It has been a busy week and I have just finished my #TLT14 Questions presentation. It is not polished, but it is packed with question ideas for colleagues to experiment with. Heading close to 100 way to questions and quiz students, I am pretty pleased with this piece…
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18 Oct ’14 0

Talking teaching – Outstanding

Today was an important day. Today I was supporting two colleagues, discussing lesson observations and defining a route way towards more effective teaching and learning. However, instead of discussing teaching and learning, professional development, we were discussing lesson observations inequalities. The inequalities of being observed – being observed teaching a high ability group versus a low ability group, a practical lesson…
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25 Nov ’13 0

Expert definition

Every once in a while I try and take a shift in our boarding house. It is a tough gig, working all day, then the evening shift and missing the first quiet hour of the next morning, missing out on an evenings family time, but occasionally it is most definitely worth it. The benefits are…
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10 Mar ’13 0