Should teachers tweet? Social media and education PART II

In my first response to Robyn Evans (Head of Marketing and Stakeholder Relations) request for opinion on Twitter and Social Media I focused on the use of these tools for teachers, teaching and learning. Since then introduced by Yr 10 and 11 English classes to Tweetories in English and enjoyed a brief email exchange with Prof Dylan…
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12 Sep ’10 0

Should teachers tweet? Social media and education.

The SSATs opening question (above) was then expanded to include a review of the use of social media technologies In the classroom For school management and parental engagement For professional development We were advised to write ‘a number of concise paragraphs, perhaps one on each use of social media mentioned above??’ Which, in writing this…
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1 Sep ’10 0

@SSAT – Should teachers tweet? Social media and education

Last week @SSAT put out a call for opinions, contributions to ‘Should teachers tweet? Social media and education.’ With the help of Maureen Bowes (of People Intelligence) I had already started to organise my thoughts about Twitter in a post title ‘5th Gear – Twitter for School Leaders.’ With Maureen’s input it documents the process…
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31 Aug ’10 0

SSAT Achievement Show

I would just like to thank the SSAT for inviting Hamble Community Sports College Digital Leaders to present at the Achievement Show. The students delivered a Pecha Kucha presentation of their experience of being a Digital Leader at our school. With Just 10 minutes used to present, we gave ourselves the same amount of time to…
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25 Jun ’10 0

SSAT Next Generation Learners

Although I was at the SSAT conference to meet and present with Bob Harrison today, I also benefitted listening to two powerful presentations on the use of space within schools. The first from Ty Goddard and the second from Mark Lovatt, Deputy Headteacher, Cramlington Learning Village. Further to Bob Harrisons 21st Century Leaders test, I outlined…
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2 Mar ’10 1

SSAT Why wait for BSF?

Tomorrow, Today, I am meeting up with Bob Harrison to present at an SSAT event. Bob invited me to co-present with him on the theme of ‘Next Generation Learning,’ only in truth it should have been called, this Gen Learning. I am really looking forward to the event. For those wishing to review the presentation,…
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