Wish your Were Here


Wish your Were Here

15 Feb ’10 Digital Learning 0

Finally, I get the time to listen to the K12-online presentations. Today ‘Using computer games as a context for learning and social interaction.’ What consistently impresses me most about Ollie Bray is how he is so successful at showcasing good teaching and learning first and foremost, technology integration second, without devaluing either. IMHO he is a ‘teachnology’ master. Within his presentation there were many great examples of good teaching, both with and without technology, as well as strong project management and CPD opportunities, however this post is dedicated to one learning opportunity that didnt require a single byte of tech, but was as brilliant, as it was simple.

Year 7 English writing skills were assessed by students writing postcards back to their Primary Schools following the transition programme, facilitated through the contextual use of the game Guitar Hero – there is the technology bit if you need a tech fix. Motivated by the fact that ‘really cared’ about their primary schools/teachers experiences, students wrote more conscientiously, the ‘spelling  was well done’ and in better hand writing than in their ‘regular’ English writing tasks. Emotive learning produced a much higher standard of work and gave a much more accurate starting point. This is one suggestion I will be feeding back to our English Dept.


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