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Powerful Combinations – Office Web Apps and a SkyDrive

This is very promising. Office Web Apps and a SkyDrive with 25 GB of storage space. Accessible for FREE with a Live account. Office Web Apps provide a basic set editing tools (not a replacement for OFFICE 2010) but more than enough for students. More importantly, for all those students stuck with Office 2003 on their home…
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8 Jun ’10 0

Ideas Incubator

About 3 months ago I sent in a request to timeline webware Preceden. We struck up a conversation about a possible feature and we have continued the conversation to Matt asked me for a webware tool wish list. So I emailed, tweeted and chatted with other educators to glean some ideas. Exam season is not the best time…
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16 May ’10 0

Have you seen…

Just a quick list of three interesting tools; Data in, Brilliance Out | Tableau Public Amazing tool for working with data, maybe a bit beyond lower school but a really interesting tool for data specialists, maths, science, statistics and more. TeleKast™ If you are involved with Unit 21 (Sound) you might find this tool very…
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19 Feb ’10 0

Interesting Audio Webware – Myna

Here at Hamble College we have extended the ICT provision to include additional units from the OCR Nationals. In reviewing Unit 22 Sound we have introduced our students to podcasts. I was quite surprised the number of students that were not aware of the wonderful resources available to them. FREE resources in many cases too,…
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25 Sep ’09 0

Animoto Again

Some decent photos, a pinch of animoto and the promo video is ready.

22 Nov ’08 0


This is rather neat, I must remember to send it onto Seb Schmoller. It was in his presentation that I first saw a word cloud use to presentation effect.  Wordle is an online tool which can read your del.icio.us lines, change the colour and directions of the words as well are easily removed unwanted tags,…
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15 Jun ’08 0