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utility_belt.jpgI am again wondering if teaching ICT is the best way to educate our learners at Hamble College and the best way to seep ICT into learning. In the past two cover lessons I have been able to introduce a range of ICT tools that the students have, and will continue to benefit from. I was quiet surprised by their response if I am honest. My second thought is how do I share these resources effectively, I am not sure the College delicious account and news letter are kicking it!

Today in Year 8 French I introduced google translate, Oddcast’s audio translator and taught a handful of students how to create Polaroids in Powerpoint. The student were genuinely impressed with the translator and a few expected to use it at home. Finally today, I used picnik an online photo editing tool to help modify some images, now there is a lot more that can be achieved with that tool and the instant Polaroids look neat.

So back to the original thinking… how can best can ICT / E-Learning Director best effect and encourage the uptake of ICT skills for learning? In an ICT context or out in the trenches in the wider educational environment. Just image what could be achieved if we had a mobile IT learning unit! Eeeepck.


  1. msars

    I shared this with my kids (aged 13 and 16) and they loved your subversive technique of introducing ICT into other classes while you’re covering.

    They also loved Oddcast and have been playing with it constantly. However, they don’t rate Google Translate, because it translates word for word, often making bad mistakes. They recommend looking up single words in http://www.wordreference.com which gives multiple examples in context so that you can choose the correct translation.

    A couple of further favourites (or should that be without the u?) from the 13yo – http://www.contentgenerator.co.uk/ and http://www.espanol-extra.co.uk/.

    I think it would be great to get ICT teachers into other classrooms more often, e.g. to help kids use ICT in their language classes or PSHE or humanities subjects.

  2. I am pleased your kids like it. A very important conversation followed the language lesson on how to best use the translator sites (due to the errors and unreliable translations given). Maybe staff will use the sight to get kid to work out and evaluate the accuracy of the translations.

    I will pass on http://www.wordreference.com and http://www.espanol-extra.co.uk/ – thanks.

    Content generator is always worth a mention.

    With reference to your final comment, maybe I will write a full reflection on that statement. Its one thing thinking it and another convince management its worth the time investing in double taught groups.

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