Trying Out AuthorStream


Trying Out AuthorStream

30 Mar ’08 Digital Learning e-Tools VLE and Moodle 1

Just recently, I have been introduced to a number of PowerPoint to flash tools. iSpring Pro is FREE and converts PowerPoint to Flash. Net and simply add that option to Powerpoint itself.However, having used and liked the very reliable Slideshare, AuthorStream grabbed my attention as it allows you to export to share on YouTube (automatically available in a video format).

Furthermore, and this really tweeked my interest, to New Look for authorSTREAM share on iPods via iTunes. Viewers or students can then sync their iPods and have your presentations available to them even when they are not online or in the classroom! I am thinking great opportunities to collaborate and share between teachers, between teachers and students, between students, to aid revision and all with software that most staff and students are familiar with. So, what do you think?

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  1. […] its your choice, but always there as a backup. Slideshare and Authorstream (which I blogged about previously). Or use an online Office […]

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